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Purpose of Marriage Exchange (2019)

Purpose of Marriage Exchange (2019)
Na-hee, a wife who tries to revive her husband, Mu-young, who has a difficult sex after marriage. However, once cooled, Mooyoung’s sexual desire does not show any signs of returning, and she begins to show erectile dysfunction symptoms. However, Nanhee does not give up and tries her best to do something for her husband, Muyoung.
Muyoung does not become an erection despite such efforts. One day, Yuna and Seonggi move to their next door. Seongki and Yuna, who are 5 years of marriage, have better luck than newly married couples. Nanhee, who was envious of Yuna and Seonggi couples, visits Yuna and hears the secrets of the couple’s good luck. Their couple’s secret is to give each other freedom of sex once a month, rather than a “Roman holiday”. Nanhee, who was worried about listening to the secret, thinks that there is nothing she can do for her husband Moo-young and puts it into practice. However, Muyoung dislikes the Roman holiday. Inevitably, Nanhee holds a secret to Moo-young and proceeds to Rome’s holiday with Yunabu. Mooyoung has a relationship with Yuna without knowing anything, and erectile dysfunction is treated like a lie.
Later, Moo-young and Nan-hee became pregnant with gold luck. In celebration of her pregnancy, Seong-gi proposes a Roman holiday to Moo-young, and Moo-young accepts the offer.

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Genre: Korean

Duration: 01:18:40

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