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Good sisters (2019)

Good sisters (2019)
Jun-seok and Jong-jin, who work as photographers, are close friends. The shooting date of the underwear advertisement is like a vitality for them, and Jun-seok often spends a hard time working with the owner as an underwear model, but Jun-seok asks Jong-jin to search for a big model. Jong-jin introduces Joo-hee, who was filmed the other day. Jun-seok likes Joo-hee from the C Cup, and Jun-seok gives Sun-ju the contact information for Jong-jin who is looking for a bridge model.
Jun-suk shoots underwear advertisements with Joo-hee and shoots stocking with ship owner Jong-jindo and sex with Joo-hee and ship-owner while both are filming… While Jong-jin and Jun-suk are talking about models, they discover each other’s positive sexual orientation. Jun-suk and Jong-jin work together with Suzy, a model who has both her breasts and body. Can Junsu and Jong-jin satisfy their sexual orientation through Suzy?

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Genre: Korean

Duration: 01:23:40

Quality: HD